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Touristic Offers - Skiing and ski-touring

Skiing and winter tourism in Kosovo has a relatively developed tradition.
Beginning of skiing dates from 1928 onwards, but it remained only at individual and disorganized levels.

In recent decades, in some parts of Kosovo, there has been a growth spurt in the mountain tourism sector, as in;

  • Brezovica (Sharr Mountains),
  • Prevalla (Prizren),

where some winter recreation centers have been built along with special ski trails.
One of the main ski resorts in Kosovo is Brezovica, which has several ski trails with several ski-lift and cable cars, with high-class hotels to accommodate a large number of participants for various international competitions in Kosovo.
Prevalla is also a ski resort and tourist village, which is 28 km from Prizren and about 12 km from Brezovica.
Prevalla is a popular destination for climbers and skiers.

A further tourist offer of Prizren in the winter season is ski-touring.
In order to be able to enjoy this unforgettable experience, our tour operators offer different packages of ski-touring. 
The starting point for these types of activities is located at an altitude of 1520 m above the sea level and is easily accessible by vehicle.
From there the departure is made to some challenging itineraries, which lead to the top in height of over 2500 meters above sea level.
The fact that the northern sites of the Sharr Mountain ranges are located in the territory of Kosovo, enables the exercise of this type of winter sport until May.